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Mapier Today

Nowadays the Magnani family still holds the ownership and enforces the same passion of the beginning and, through the leadership of Eng. Giorgio Sempio (CEO), continues and keeps modern this tradition of quality and style.

Mapier design and produces in a highly specialized way fully fashioned knitwear in an enormous variety of models.

The raw materials are yarns, natural and technologic, selected among the best and most advanced in the world.

Different yarn counts and compositions, knitting in many gauges, linking and trimmings at the state of the art, extreme care of all the details: all this creates in the garments that Mapier produces the essence of the hand making tradition and productive vanguard which give the most important appeal of the Italian look all over the world.

All the production chain is executed in our fully owned plants, one in Italy and one in the Slovach Republic, allowing to serve different types of clients: from private labels, producing their collections according to their needs, to retails, with our national brands MAPIER SINCE 1948 and also with the stock service product lines.